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in Ruislip, North West London: near to Harrow, Watford and Uxbridge

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Hello! Welcome to my website, where I hope to give you a sense of what I offer to my clients. I am a personal life coach and Tarot reader based in Ruislip, near to Harrow, Watford and Uxbridge.

At the present time I'm taking some time out to study and write, so I'm not available for appointments. I'm sorry for any inconvenience or disappointment; I do expect to get back to seeing clients in the future.

I have a special interest in working with clients to improve their sense of wellbeing and fulfilment in their lives. I believe in a holistic approach to life… mind, body and spirit, in harmony and all equally important. If one aspect of your life is out of balance, then this will affect other areas of your life too. As a coach specialising in holistic wellbeing, I aim to help you restore that balance and harmony in your life.

We live in an environment where many people feel stressed a lot of the time; however learning stress management techniques can help to improve your ability to deal with situations in a calmer, more positive manner. I believe that everyone has personal strength, wisdom and an inner knowledge of what is right for them. We also all have intuition, that quiet voice inside that will tell us what we need to know, if only we will listen! Sometimes life’s knocks cause these natural abilities to be hidden away and I hope to help you rediscover them.

During coaching sessions I will work with you in partnership; encouraging and supporting you, making suggestions and keeping the focus on the areas that you wish to change and improve. Depending on your preferences and situation we might look at any, or all, of the following…

  • Stress Management, techniques and practices to reduce your stress levels.

  • Wellness, natural approaches to feeling better.

  • Building your Self Esteem and Confidence.

  • Learning to recognise and trust your Intuition.

  • Spiritual Development

  • Relationships, at home and at work.

  • Career satisfaction and Work-Life balance.

  • Optimising your free time… what would you like to be doing?

    I am happy to work with clients either on a one-session basis, or for on-going life coaching sessions. For more information please see Options, Prices and Booking

    I also offer Tarot Readings, by appointment, either face to face or by Skype/phone. Often, people seek a Tarot reading when they are feeling stuck and unsure how best to move forward; my aim is to help you to explore the choices you have, your strengths, anything that is blocking your progress and how you can best move towards the future that you hope for. I am a member of the Tarot Association of the British Isles
    For more information and to book see Options, Prices and Booking

    A little about me... I have diplomas in Life Coaching and Professional Relaxation Therapy. I have studied and explored numerous aspects of holistic wellbeing extensively over the last twenty years, in order to help myself and others to "feel better".

    I also trained for six years in Psychic Mediumship, Tarot Reading, Meditation and other related disciplines at the College of Psychic Studies in London, and continue to work on my own personal and spiritual development. I believe that we are here to learn and to grow, and that it is an on-going process throughout our lives. I have been privileged to meet some very wise and knowledgeable teachers who have helped me on my journey over the years, and it gives me satisfaction and pleasure to be able to share what I have learnt with others.

    Please note that any advice or information I give, either in person or on the website, is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. The suggestions I make are intended to complement your existing healthcare, not replace it, so please consult your doctor as you normally would. Please also read this Important Information about appointments.

  • "I found the session very inspiring and am full of ideas!!"

    "Amazing… fantastic for me. Honest, assertive and rang true."

    "Very sensitive and perceptive. Annie was open to interpretation, not fixed. Hopeful and with ideas to think about."

    "Annie gave very accurate information about my present situation, came from a good loving angle and ended the session with hope."

    "Great – Accurate – Enjoyable. Quite incredible."

    "Annie is a highly motivating coach, offering fresh and practical ideas for short term action and longer term strategies for life. Her suggestions are objective and considered, and given in an open and encouraging way."

    My Blogs

    One of my interests is astrology... I find it fascinating, and whilst learning about it I write regularly about the current planetary movements and how they might touch our lives. I don't believe that the astrology as it was when we were born, or the arrangements of the planets now, can force us to do anything we don't want to do, or that our future is all mapped out; however I have found it useful to understand and work with the energy and influences that the astrology of the time may bring. If you are interested in reading my blogs about the current astrology, and sometimes on other topics, you can find them on my Facebook page "Annie Andrews Astrology" here or on Twitter, where I generally share them too.

    to read blogs I have written previously on a range of topics read more

    Follow me on Twitter... I Tweet, and share others' Tweets, about all sorts of things that interest or amuse me. Tweets should not be treated as professional advice!

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    'Everything you can imagine is real.'
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    Personal Life Coaching, Stress Management, Tarot Readings and Spiritual Development
    in Ruislip, North West London: near to Harrow, Watford, Northwood, Hillingdon & Uxbridge.

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